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Have you wanted to start making videos, but aren't sure the first step to take?

Are you overwhelmed with the number of different platforms, topics, and strategies out there for making videos?

Have you been publishing videos, but aren’t seeing results?

Are you hacking away at short-form videos, podcasts, publishing into the void, never gaining any traction?

Do you have loads of ideas, but struggle to share them?

Do you find yourself shooting, editing, but never hitting publish?

If any of these sound familiar...

‍The Guild was built for you.

Six years ago, we desperately needed a coach to tell us why our videos were falling flat. We started publishing a vlog about our company that no one watched.

We didn’t know how to use our gear, our intros sucked, and we didn’t know how to package our videos to get them seen.

Since no one saw our videos, we struggled to generate leads for our business. We barely made enough money to scrape by and felt like we were hitting our heads against the wall every time we published a video that flopped.

Since 2018, So Much Has Changed.

We’ve generated tens of millions of views for ourselves and our clients. Those views have driven hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental revenue.

Today, our videos reach tens of thousands of people on a daily basis. 

In order to make this happen, we’ve spent $100,000s.

We’ve hired YouTube experts to consult on our channel, we’ve paid dozens of different editors to produce our videos, and spent tens of thousands on gear.

These days, our clients pay us tens of thousands of dollars to produce videos for them.

They love our work and write reviews like these;

Now, if you’re thinking “I’m not ready to spend $10,000” on video, yet. We’ve got great news.

Today, you can enroll in the Video Guild for just $250/mo.

Now for the bad news. We are down to just 2 Spots Left at that price point.

Once they’re filled, we will never offer that price ever again.

So, if you want one of the last spots;

You'll receive:

☑️ 4 Weekly Group Coaching Calls per Month ($1,000 value)

☑️ Access to a Private Community Sharing Notes on What’s Working and Providing Feedback ($350/mo value)

☑️ The Inhouse Videographer course: giving you everything you need to train someone on your team to shoot video ($300 value)

☑️ Live YouTube Thumbnail Breakdowns and Behind-the-Scenes Planning ($1,000 value)

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